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How to calculate the max acceleration

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    I have an engine with the following specifications:
    305 cc, 4-stroke single-cylinder.
    Torque : 18.53 N m @ 2800 rpm.
    Weight of the car 275kg
    Coefficient of drag:1.15
    Frontal area: 0.9177m^2
    Rolling resistance:0.04482
    Engine wheel efficiency: 78%

    How can i calculate the Max. acceleration and Max. Power ?
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    Simon Bridge

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    With difficulty.
    Where is all this coming from? Does that source also tell you the power output of the engine for it's standard fuel mix?
    What does "engine-wheel efficiency" mean?
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    jack action

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    The maximum acceleration will depends on the friction coefficient of the tires. Since you didn't specify it, you cannot find it.

    For the maximum power all you know is that you have 5433 W @ 2800 rpm (= 18.53 * 2800 * π / 30). Is this the rpm where you have the maximum power? No one can say from the information you gave.

    More info here about estimating the acceleration of a vehicle.
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    I calculated A Four-Cylinder Internal Combustion Engine last year. It includes heat analysis and speed characteristics. It can help.

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