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How to calculate the required specifications of a motor?

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    I am planning to design a reciprocating rack and pinion, as shown in this figure reciprocating-rack-and-pinion.gif
    I plan to attach a cutter to this setup to cut anything.I need to know how to calculate the motor specifications for the given mass of the gear, cutter and cutter velocity
    I plan to make it with a plywood
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    jack action

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    "Cut anything," implies this is not a purpose built design so have you asked the right question? If so Jack Action has answered your question but the limit in machine design is the platform which you've chosen to be of plywood. What are the limits of your plywood design? Calculating for a motor based on the mass of the gear, cutter and cutter velocity seems to me to be an odd approach to machine design. Have you considered the fatigue and failure rates of plywood? What's the designed safety margin?

    I read something here about homework and projects. If that's what this is I would suggest you begin by developing a hypothetical plan with design limits for the use of your machine. Your first limit is obvious and involves no calculations. What cutting tools can be used in a reciprocating drive and what materials can be cut with a reciprocating cutter? I assume the purpose of your design is to convert rotational motion into oscillating or reciprocal motion? For what it's worth these are just some thoughts and considerations for your design.
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