What is Motor power: Definition and 27 Discussions

A motor glider is a fixed-wing aircraft that can be flown with or without engine power. The FAI Gliding Commission Sporting Code definition is: a fixed-wing aerodyne equipped with a means of propulsion (MoP), capable of sustained soaring flight without thrust from the means of propulsion. In the US, a powered glider may be certificated for up to two occupants, up to 850 kg maximum weight, and with a maximum ratio of weight to wing span squared of 3 kg/m2. Similar requirements exist in European JAA/EASA regulations, at a maximum weight of 750 kg.

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  1. N

    Calculating Motor Load Capacity for a 4kg Vehicle

    TL;DR Summary: I need help with calculating how much a motor will be able to pull. Hi all, I am currently in my first year of engineering and we have a project which requires us to use motors to drive a 4kg max vehicle. I was planning on using the very common yellow DC motors which have...
  2. SuperPat

    B How to Calculate Power and Torque for a 15kg Load at 15 RPM?

    Hi all I am Belgian and I have difficulty with english formulas. I'm trying to calculate the power and torque required of a motor to rotate a load. Here is the problem: I have a motor (axis up) on which is fixed a cylindrical load of 15Kg. The diameter of this load is 400mm Calculate the power...
  3. khodournajem

    Minimum motor power for a mechanical horizontal sieving machine

    r = 2.5 l=10 cm angle = 0 (maximum connecting rode elongation) w = 0.5 (30 rpm) n=10/2.5 = 4 so the acceleration is 1.5×0.5×0.5(1 + 1/4 ) = 0.4 m/s friction force = 10*9.81*0.3 = 29.4 Newton. Crank force is the mass of the object into acceleration. So crank force = 10 × 0.4 = 4 Newton...
  4. J

    Homopolar Motor: Energy Input, Output, & Magnetic Field

    I was curious in regards to a homopolar motor where the energy imparted into the rotor comes from if the energy input is say 10v at 1000 amps and there is 10v 1000amps output. Aswell if the effect of the magnetic field produces a different power on the rim of the disk vs the input from the...
  5. Gnana guru

    Automotive How can I accurately determine the necessary wattage for a motor in my vehicle?

    Hi fellas, Really how to select the wattage of the motor as I'm stuck with that. I came across several formulae, yet still unable to do it so. Vehicle Mass = 120Kg Load Mass = 100Kg (max) Front tyre = 8" x 2 Back Tyre = 12" x 2 Tyre material = Polyurethane Dimension = 25" x 35" Speed = 9.3km/hr...
  6. G

    AC synchronous motor power factor

    Is it true that AC synchronous motors (the ones with the DC slip rings and excitation current running into rotor poles) have a power factor of 1.0 when they run in synchronous mode? Would that be because with sufficient rotor DC current he rotating AC magnetic field is precisely counterbalanced...
  7. P

    Calculating Belt Pull, Drum Torque, Motor Power & Speed

    Homework Statement Calculate the Belt pull, drum torque, motor power and speed required to drive a flat top belt given the following information: Belt centres are 4.0m Required speed is 18m/min Drum diameter is 300mm Belt mass is 3.0kg/m Belt is fully loaded with 32kg boxes 0.8m long Belt...
  8. K

    Help with torque and power required please

    I am looking to build a skateborad like device that i want to power with electric skateboard-like system. However I only want it to go 1.1m/s using 60mm wheels moving a 100kg load for 12 km. I am looking for help determining gear sizes, motor sizes and specs, really anything. I have seen so...
  9. B_Mulcahy

    Can a Motor be Converted to a Dynamo and How to Do It?

    Hey, I understand that essentially a dynamo is the inverse of a motor however I was wondering if I could have a little more detail on the subject, how exactly can you convert a motor to a dynamo? Is it as simple as turning the motor and wiring it up to an output to create the current or do you...
  10. K

    How to calculate the required specifications of a motor?

    I am planning to design a reciprocating rack and pinion, as shown in this figure I plan to attach a cutter to this setup to cut anything.I need to know how to calculate the motor specifications for the given mass of the gear, cutter and cutter velocity I plan to make it with a plywood
  11. G

    220V 50Hz Equipment vs. 230V 60Hz Equipment compressor

    If If you have a compressor designed for US 60 HZ 230 V what are the risks with applying it in 220 V 50 HZ ? I understand there will be a ~20% derate in power but are there any safety or failure concerns ? would the lifespan of equipment change? Do I need a transformer ? This equipment...
  12. R

    Increase Torque on 10 HP Motor Without RPM Change

    Howdy! I have a 10 hp motor on a machine but it's only using 3 hp while it's running. The output shaft of the motor is connected to a bigger pulley to spin a wheel. Is there any way to increase the torque at the wheel while maintaining rpms? My first thought was to use more of the motor power...
  13. A

    Torque & Force required to slide a gate

    Greetings all, I am trying to build a sliding gate operator. I have this wiper motor which says, 24v dc, 64rpm, nominal torque- 4Nm. Max weight of gate to be 400kg, sliding on a steel rail (Not sure how to consider rolling resistance or Co-eff of friction) . Max pull force to be achieved by...
  14. J

    Calculating Torque for Rotating Disk: Specs, Friction, and Weight Considerations

    Hi all, I am trying to calculate the torque required by the motor to rotate a disk at a constant speed. Specs are as follows: 1. Disk radius =80mm 2. Disk Thickness =2 mm 3. Disk Weight =50gm 4. Constant speed= 3000rpm(CONSTANT) 5. Motor friction torque= 1mNm 6. Disk position parallel...
  15. S

    How much power motor I need to rotate big ferris wheel

    Hi Guys, I am pleased to join this forum to learn something from experienced guys and thanks in advance for helping me to understand physics. I am trying to design a Ferris wheel with maximum SPEED and maximum PASSENGER capacity. I want to know formula to calculate MOTOR POWER IN KW to rotate...
  16. P

    Optimizing Motor Load Power Calculations for Load Flow Analysis

    Hi, If you are entering motor load data (Real and Apparent Powers) into a power system analysis software so that a load flow analysis can be conducted and you are calculating these powers based on current and voltages, do you assume and use the full load power factor for the motor, as...
  17. T

    How Should I Determine the Correct Power Rating for a Motor Winding Paper?

    Hello, I'm trying to size a motor for an application that I'm working on. The application involves winding paper with two motors. One motor will unwind and the other motor will rewind. However, I'm trying to figure out what the motor power rating should be. Here's the worst case scenario...
  18. P

    How Many Volts Are Needed for My Motor to Lift 12kg in a Time-Lapse Project?

    I am working on a timelaps project so I need my motor to move very slowley, the motor I am using has a max voltage of 24V and a stall current of 1 Amp The motor I want to use is on this link: http://www.dynamicperception.com/EZ-Swap-DC-Motor-p/dp-dcm.htm This motor will need to lift...
  19. R

    Frequency of motor power supply 60 Hz versus 50 Hz

    If a 60 Hz equipment needs to be run off a 50 Hz power supply (3 phase, AC) what are typical options? One brute force approach is to simply change motors. But I was wondering if a VFD / thyristor or some such might work? This is medium sized equipment with rating of ~5 kW. As an...
  20. M

    Motor power for screw conveyor?

    Hi this is the case I have to find a suitable motor for a screw conveyor with mass flow of 200g/h lenght of a crew 0.5m diameter is 100m it works with small particles of coal and it need to work for 1 rpm help??
  21. O

    Engineering Calculating Motor Power Needed to Lift 750kg at 0.3m/sec

    hello to lift a load of 750kg to a height of 20mtrs at speed of 0.3m/sec, what the horsepower of motor and gear ratio required
  22. D

    What's the part called that converts motor power into electricity?

    What's the part called that converts spinning, rotor, motor power into electricity? If I were to buy one what would I call it? Regards, David
  23. C

    Figuring out motor power needed

    It's been many years since I was doing physics in college, and I am beyond rusty... and I could use a little help. I am trying to fabricate a little hobby project involving a motorized platform (like a radio controlled car) that I can move at somewhat precise speeds and program relatively...
  24. J

    Powering RC Hobby Motor with Integy 7.2V Battery

    Hello all, I have a Integy 7.2V 1600mah battery that powers a RC hobby motor. I was wondering if RC batteries supply constant voltage to the motor for a certain amount of time before they start dieing or if the battery voltage continuously decreases as you power the motor until the battery...
  25. H

    Doubling Water Pump Rate: Increase Motor Power?

    Homework Statement A pump motor is used to pump water at a certain rate from a given pipe. to increase the rate of pumping of water 2 times from same pipe by how much times power of motor must be increased? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  26. E

    Engineering Calculate Motor Power in kW for 15 Tonnes, 16 m, 0.2 m/s

    Homework Statement Ok so i need to choose a motor that is capable of moving 15 tonnes (metric) over a distance of 16 m at 0.2 m/s. So, I am guessing i need to first find the force required to move this object which would be F=m*a. Is this right? Now, what would be the equation to find...
  27. S

    Seeking Advice on Increasing Electric Motor Power Output

    Hi there. Im afraid i know very little about electrical engineering:confused: , hence why I am here, but any help / direction / suggested reading would be much appreciated! Like i say, sorry if this is a completely stupid question:blushing: , but if you don't ask you don't get right? and who...