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How to change desired flow rate of the nozzle

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    We have a system with a 70 bar pump and 9 nozzles connected to the pump lines. Total flow rate is 2 l/m. Is there a way to change only one nozzle flow rate manually, with a pressure regulator valf just behind that nozzle?

    Thank you.
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    Hello icy, :welcome:

    I suppose 'behind' is relative. With a valve between the pump and the nozzle you should be able to reduce the flow rate. Increasing it would be rather impossible :smile:
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    Hello BvU,

    You may see the attached file. It is a simple diagram to see what we need. Can you make a new comment according to the file?

    Thank you.

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    BvU's existing comment, as stated, still applies.
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    Stream rate directly affects bead estimate. An expansion in stream rate will build the bead measure; comparatively, an abatement in stream rate will diminish bead estimate.

    Case: A 150 gpm empty cone spout at 10 psi has a bigger bead than a 100 gpm empty cone at 10 psi. Likewise, a 50 gpm full cone spout at 7 psi has a littler bead estimate than a 120 gpm full cone spout at the same weight.
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