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How to change the tags ( artist, genre, etc. ) of a song?

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    Some of my songs are not taged correctly , so I wanted to change their tags on my pc . I remember I could've edit the tags in nokia e75 and I had managed to sort my music library more easily . So , I want to ask as if there's any way that I can change the tags of a song ?
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    I'm not 100% sure it is changing what you want to change, but in winamp you can access file info and change what is there.
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    Try mp3tag.
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    You don't need any special software on Windows. Just right-click over the MP3 file and select Properties.

    To save each field that you type into, you must move the cursor to another field (before closing the Window).
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    I use this as well, it does a good job (and its free).
    I can't remember if it's only for windows PC though.
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