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How To Choose a Topic for Research project

  1. Feb 5, 2009 #1
    Am a student in 3rd year of Applied physics and next year am supposed to present my research project so i would like to ask how does one choose a topic.
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    Have you been given any guidance by your department?
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    Some ideas:
    - go to the presentations (if they have them) of 4th year students on their projects and see if anything they are doing interests you
    - attent department seminars
    - talk to your professors to see if they have any ideas for a 4th year project or if they remember any interesting projects that have been done over the past few years
    - talk to others in your undergradute physics society and find out what ideas they have
    - talk to graduate students in your department about the projects they are involved in
    - start reading journal articles in fields that interest you
    - read articles in publications like Science, Nature, and Physics Today
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    Thx y'all who have tried to reply me, actually i have been talkin with my head of departement and he promised me he is going to help me. thk u very much
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