What is Research project: Definition and 74 Discussions

Research is "creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge". It involves the collection, organization, and analysis of information to increase understanding of a topic or issue. A research project may be an expansion on past work in the field. To test the validity of instruments, procedures, or experiments, research may replicate elements of prior projects or the project as a whole.
The primary purposes of basic research (as opposed to applied research) are documentation, discovery, interpretation, and the research and development (R&D) of methods and systems for the advancement of human knowledge. Approaches to research depend on epistemologies, which vary considerably both within and between humanities and sciences. There are several forms of research: scientific, humanities, artistic, economic, social, business, marketing, practitioner research, life, technological, etc. The scientific study of research practices is known as meta-research.

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  1. H

    Other Need advice regarding choosing my master's research project in theoretical physics and applied maths

    Hi, I am pursuing a master's in theoretical physics and applied maths and now I need to start working on a research project. It has been so tough to decide the topic as I currently don't feel ready to commit to one particular research area. Based on the modules I have taken so far, I do get...
  2. jv07cs

    Programs REU Opportunities for International Students in Theoretical Physics

    I'm a physics undergrad student in Brazil and I'm about to finish my sophmore year. I'm really interested in computational and theoretical physics and I'm currently in the beginning of this year long research project with a professor in my university on the study of the 3+1 spacetime split of...
  3. Z

    Need help with a research project for firefighting

    Good evening everyone! I'm currently working on building conclusions to support changes to operational tactics at building fires. I'll list what I have figured out so far and then what I'm still searching for. -Air expands and pressure increases within a room or structure during a fire; is...
  4. miafrasca_

    B High school Astrophysics Research Project Suggestions Please

    Hi, so I'm currently a senior high school student and I'm doing a research project on Astrophysics. I just need help on picking a topic as I know there is a lot out there. I need a project idea that is current but not too challenging as I am limited with resources. Thanks.
  5. C

    Courses How should I decide on which research project to take on this year?

    Hello. I have been studying Biology as an undergrad and in my second year have discovered an interest in the biophysics area. I have taken 2 biophysics courses as an undergrad (introductory and more advanced) and have successfully made it into a Biological Physics Masters that is going to start...
  6. bagasme

    Other Corporate Blogs: Bad Source for Research Project?

    Hello, I was wondering whether blogs (especially corporate blogs) are good source for research. In some cases, such websites give me facts that hardly found elsewhere. However, when used as research source, corporate blogs can present problems: there is no way to know the credibility and...
  7. W

    Other How do I select a topic for my final-year research project in Physics BSc?

    Hi all, I'm about to start a final-year (Physics BSc) research project and would like some advice about how to select a topic. I was thinking of working on quantum theory, and in particular, quantum foundations (very broadly speaking). As such, I've been reading a bunch of papers on arXiv (e.g...
  8. A

    Other Senior Quantum Mechanics Research Project

    I am going to be doing a high school senior research project on how Quantum Physics will change the world in the future. Basically my current idea is to describe what quantum mechanics is, and then give examples that I explain and I state how they will change the world and the estimated time...
  9. N

    Other How Can an Undergrad Find a Mathematical Physics Research Project?

    Although I am an undergrad in mathematics and physics, I would place myself at a graduate level. I have gone through many textbooks on my own and currently I am studying the Landau and Lifshitz series. The reading and exercises are fun, but now I want to do something with it. More specifically...
  10. PsychonautQQ

    Other So I need to do a physics research project....

    Hey PF! So I'm thinking about upgrading my physics minor to a major, the main obstruction to this is that I would need to do a research project and I'm a bit late getting on board with one of the professors and assisting in their work. So I'm trying to think of something I could do...
  11. kostoglotov

    Holiday project goals for undergrads with an FPGA?

    It's a student project for vacation research, under-grad, not sure how many of us, there'll probably be 4-6, we're motivated. My original proposal was to get an FPGA (on an Artix-7 or Z-board) to run a CID camera sensor as a dumb peripheral, do some basic image processing stuff on it (perhaps...
  12. BL4CKB0X97

    Courses What Are Suitable Engineering Research Projects to Bridge into Physics?

    I have just found out that i have been acceptable into an access to higher equations engineering couple. During the interview a year long Research Project was mentioned. The details i have are that it is a 3000 word essay(excluding references and data) which seems kind of small. You get to...
  13. C

    Research project on heat transfer

    Homework Statement have you ever encountered this equation? it is the energy differential equation through a rectangular tube Homework Equations uρ(∂i/∂x)+vρ(∂i/∂y)+wρ(∂i/∂x)-[∂/∂x(k∂t/∂x)+∂/∂y(k∂t/∂y)+∂/∂z(k∂t/∂x)]=0 heat transfer coeff is k The Attempt at a Solution have you any idea how to...
  14. B

    Schools Having Trouble Finding a Math Undergraduate Research Project

    I am an undergraduate pursuing mathematics and computer science in the research university at U.S. Inspired from the applications of algebra to math and statistics, I have been trying to find a suitable project in the mathematics with supervision from a faculty member, or a reading course in...
  15. W

    Other What is the best way to prepare for a research project?

    Hello all, I'm currently in my 1st year of an Applied Physics MSc. In September I'll be doing a research project which involves (attempting) to prove the optimality of a quantum algorithm. In the summer I'll have some spare time so I'd like to prepare myself as best as possible. i) Refresh my...
  16. A

    Research Project Ideas for First Year Astronomy Student?

    Hi, I am wondering what are some good ideas for a first year undergraduate science research project? I am majoring in Astronomy so am after some ideas. My special interests are Pluto, Black Holes and of course Planet X.
  17. L

    Other Research topics in Statistical Physics

    Currently I'm in the last year of the Physics course and I've been thinking about working in a project of undergraduate research, specifically in Statistical Physics. Two years ago I've already done a project like that in Fluid Mechanics combined with Gauge Theories and in that project I've...
  18. Nile Anderson

    Math Research Project Ideas Please

    Help. I am having a problem choosing a topic for my math research project. Anybody have any ideas they'd like to share ?
  19. R

    Suggestion for Research Project on Optical Nanoantenna

    Hello, I'm currently a Senior year EE student in a South Asian country. We are planning to do a research project on Optical Nanoantennas. We are still learning and are not very familiar with the theoretical stuff, we only have the knowledge of junior year undergrads (took EM Fields and Wave...
  20. J

    I need some ideas in my Physics undergraduate research

    I am undergraduate physics student,and I want to become a theoretical physicist. I need some ideas about fields to look at it that can inspire me . I do not have specific field that I like the most in physics..so I need your help
  21. T

    How to politely decline a research project

    I'm entering my final year of a BSc in Physics next year and have been looking for summer research opportunities, with the chance of possibly continuing my honours (undergraduate) thesis on the project afterwards. There was one particular professor I contacted since I took a course under him in...
  22. S

    Engineering Mechanical Engineering Research Project

    Hello, my name is Lucas and I am currently in year 11. For my research project I decided to research mechanical and mechatronic engineering to compare both of the occupations in order to make a decision of what I want to pursue as career. If you have the time, please feel free to help me answer...
  23. Matt atkinson

    Undergrad Research project and PhD's

    Hi all, during my degree (which of now I am in the master's year) I have to do a year long research project. This project I had to select from a list of which only one of them was quantum mechanics related (for a theorist), of course this made it popular and I didn't get my first choice and...
  24. B

    Fall Undergraduate Internship: School vs Research Experience

    Fall internships for undergraduates? I have myself in quite the pickle. I'm entering my senior year of college pursuing a BS in Physics and a minor in Math. I go to a small university near LA. I was just offered a paid internship across the country by NASA for this upcoming fall. Of course I...
  25. C

    Physics Research Project Ideas (First year physics course)

    Hello. I am a first year physics major, and a major component of the first year physics course (for physics majors) is a research project. With a partner, I am supposed to conduct a research experiment in the broad field of physics. The proposal for this project is due friday, in which we must...
  26. Q

    How to know if research project is going anywhere?

    As an undergraduate, how do you know when your adviser actually intends for you to get work done and do something that might be publishable? I'm in a liberal arts college with low emphasis on research, so sometimes I have this paranoid feeling that my adviser doesn't actually care whether I even...
  27. D

    Do you have any good advice for getting started on a research project?

    I'm an engineering student. I have to create a 20 page research paper on a topic that is new to me. I have to hand it in in about 3.5 weeks. I looked at the initial papers that my supervisor recommended to me today. Maybe I'm insanely impatient but reading papers with tonnes of terms that I...
  28. O

    Ideas for QM undergrad research project

    Hi everyone! I am an undergraduate student interested in quantum physics. I want to do a project in quantum but do not know how to come up with a good idea to start with. I have read the book Zettili and most of the book Cohn-Tannoudji. so I think I am able to work on a good idea. Any idea...
  29. L

    Good physics research project for high schooler?

    I'm a high school student who wants to do a research project in physics (with school funding). I can program well, so I would prefer if the project involved some computer simulation or modeling and comparing the results to experimental data. Does anyone have any ideas/resources for projects?
  30. T

    Research project on plasma physics EPQ?

    Does anybody know any topics within plasma physics that a 17 year could research in? I'm doing a qualification called the EPQ where students undertake a research project in any topic they would like and write a 5000 word essay. I'm in year 12 and have taken As level Maths and Further Maths. I...
  31. C

    Possible research topics for high redshift galaxies and AGN

    Hi all, I am nearing the start of my final year at university and part of that year is a large research project on a subject of our choice. My main interests lie within the formation and evolution of high redshift (z ≥ 1) galaxies and AGN. At this stage I am only starting to think about what...
  32. V

    Navigating a Failing Research Project: Tips and Strategies

    >have zero interest for my subject, it's the UK so I can't switch, have managed to be a great exam passer >this term have one regular course + research project worth the credits of 3 regular courses >done close to nothing for first 3 weeks of term What are general tips for this sort of...
  33. V

    Worried about my engineering research project.

    I'm in my fourth year of undergrad engineering and next term I have nothing except for a research project. I've always done very well in exams but I'm worried that my grade for this project will be much lower than usual and I'll be exposed as an exam passer (which I basically am since I don't...
  34. C

    First undergrad math/philosophical research project (working proposal)

    The aim of my research is to show that some set (#) axiomatically perceived as deviating from the non-'0' entity will subscribe to a non-'0' collection (#) of perspectives (interpretations) on said finite characters from the finite interpretations (predicated on only 1 of 5 senses a.k.a. vision...
  35. K

    My Research Project centered around Faraday's Law: Help and Discussion

    Quick question. I'm currently(started today) working on research centered Faraday's Law with an application in automobiles, and I'm just looking for some good articles/academic journals/research papers on Faraday's law to get a better understanding of it. I gained a brief understanding of the...
  36. S

    Electrochemistry research project

    Hey guys I need to do a research project in my high school course on factors affecting internal resistance of an electrochemical(primary) cell which i need to make.I need to take an experimental approach and before that , i need to know what are the expected results when i experiment with some...
  37. E

    Regression Analysis - Needed for research project

    Hello, I'm a second year mathematics and economics student, and I've been hired by an economic development organisation to conduct a research project on the probability of loan default in micro-credit borrowers in rural Kenya (I'll be heading there in person this summer). Basically, I'll...
  38. D

    Summer school or research project in Europe

    Hi, I plan to either attend summer class or do some research this summer between my first and second undergraduate year in physics. I live in France and cannot travel to US for some ecological reasons. Let's consider that my budget is unlimited, that my main interest is pure theoretical...
  39. A

    New Research Project: high velocity projectiles with small masses

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I am a high school student but I am extremely interested in science and I like to call myself a "junior physicist". even though I am not nearly as smart as a real one. But I suppose I am working my way up there. I am hoping to go to college and get a degree...
  40. A

    Knowledge required for a research project using Kelvin Probe

    Alright so a professor took me up for a research project which makes use of a Kelvin Probe. However I only have a year of introductory Physics under my belt (Mechanics and Waves & Oscillations). I started studying some of E&M which I assumed I needed to know, this summer but didn't get too far...
  41. A

    Science Research Project- Quantum Physics

    I am a student, and I want to do a science research project, simply for my own interest. I am very interested in quantum physics, however, I really don't know how to sculpt a project around it. I want to be original: I am interested specifically in quantum computing, quantum encryption, quantum...
  42. R

    What are some potential research ideas for a 10-week aerospace project?

    hello, I'm looking at an opportunity this summer to conduct a research project at a university, however due to constraints of the program, i have to design and create my own project to submit, and hope someone decides to sponsor me. the problem is that being a freshman in college, i don't know...
  43. Z

    Ideas for a nuclear research project

    I have a huge 3rd year design lab unit coming up for the next semester. The lab is very much independent work, and I would like something in nuclear physics (preferable in plasma physics). But I have barely any experience coming up with a hypothesis/experiment of my own. Do you guys have...
  44. M

    $500 Superconductor research project?

    Hello my university is giving out little "mini" grants for undergrad research and I was wanting to get involved because it sounds fun/looks good on a resume. The winners would get $500 to spend on a research project of their choosing. All I have to do to enter is fill out some paperwork stating...
  45. A

    What research topic should I choose for the Siemens Competition scholarship?

    not sure if this is in the right section, but anyways, here it goes. I am going to apply for the Siemens Competition scholarship, and I need a research topic to use. I am a junior in high school, I prefer physics and chemistry. here are the allowed topics. Astrophysics Biochemistry...
  46. P

    Career Research Project: Physics and Questions for a Physicist

    Hello, I am a student at Canyon High School and have been assigned to research a career in a science field. I am very interested in physics, so I am looking for any physicist who has some time to answer the following questions. I must also ask that you please send your answers to my email...
  47. S

    Programming a TI-83 for 1st Research Project

    I'm not even sure if this is the right section to post this in, but here it goes . . . I'm a freshman and I've just taken on my first research project. We only have like 2 professors at my college that are doing any research so I'm taking whatever I can get. I'm like 5 years out of school so...
  48. K

    Schools Physics Research Project Ideas, College Level

    I am a senior level physicist at the University of Alabama: Huntsville and I am going to do my physics research starting next semester. I need some serious, interesting, and fun ideas on what to focus on. Thus far I have had upper level mechanics, intermediate relativity, all calculus and...
  49. L

    Conducting an independant research project

    I am an undergraduate physics student. Frankly, I'm starting to find my coursework and the typical method of read/solve problems/rinse and repeat a bit dull. While this will certainly be remedied in more advanced classes I'd like to seek out a problem to do some fundamental(original) research...
  50. V

    Choosing a Research Project: Balancing Enjoyment and Professionalism

    I am an undergraduate in physics and I am getting myself prepared for some research. I am taking a class which essentially gives me academic credit for a supervised research project I do under a faculty member. However, the choice of my research varies with contingent factors involved. For...