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  1. kostoglotov

    Holiday project goals for undergrads with an FPGA?

    It's a student project for vacation research, under-grad, not sure how many of us, there'll probably be 4-6, we're motivated. My original proposal was to get an FPGA (on an Artix-7 or Z-board) to run a CID camera sensor as a dumb peripheral, do some basic image processing stuff on it (perhaps...
  2. L

    Other Research topics in Statistical Physics

    Currently I'm in the last year of the Physics course and I've been thinking about working in a project of undergraduate research, specifically in Statistical Physics. Two years ago I've already done a project like that in Fluid Mechanics combined with Gauge Theories and in that project I've...
  3. J

    I need some ideas in my Physics undergraduate research

    I am undergraduate physics student,and I want to become a theoretical physicist. I need some ideas about fields to look at it that can inspire me . I do not have specific field that I like the most in I need your help
  4. B

    Fall Undergraduate Internship: School vs Research Experience

    Fall internships for undergraduates? I have myself in quite the pickle. I'm entering my senior year of college pursuing a BS in Physics and a minor in Math. I go to a small university near LA. I was just offered a paid internship across the country by NASA for this upcoming fall. Of course I...
  5. C

    Physics Research Project Ideas (First year physics course)

    Hello. I am a first year physics major, and a major component of the first year physics course (for physics majors) is a research project. With a partner, I am supposed to conduct a research experiment in the broad field of physics. The proposal for this project is due friday, in which we must...