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How to choose plasmids for certain types of cell?

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    How do you know which plasmids are suitable (disregard the efficiency for now) for say, mammalian cells? For example, this http://www.addgene.org/12091/" [Broken] is it suitable for HeLa cells?

    Basically, I'm confused as to what "Growth strain" and "Vector type" mean.
    Does Growth strain mean where the plasmid was grown and the vector type means in which type of cells (mammalian or bacterial cells) they can be transfected into?

    If I'm right then, would a plasmid such as this one (for mammalian cells) grown in Ecoli be able to express its genes in bacterial cells as well?

    One more thing, how can I find out the original plasmid that was used before the TP53-GFP genes were added to it?
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    Usually, it's best to just go to the literature and see what others have used for the particular cell type you're trying to transfect. Then, from those choices, look at what size inserts they can handle. If none of that makes sense, or you're a total novice to it, get a collaborator who does it more often (it's not something I do often, and it's been years since I last did this, so I can't advise on any of it off the top of my head).
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