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How to compile programs in notepad++?

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    I cannot find the compile button anywhere in the program. Is there a shortcut key to compile the programs in notepad++?
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    Maybe you are looking for something like this:

    http://npp-community.tuxfamily.org/documentation/notepad-user-manual/commands [Broken]

    You will have to use the right variables and look at the compiler command line arguments, but this should do the trick.

    What compiler are you using?
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    I was thinking maybe notepad++ will compile my written code and then run it. I don't know how to provide the path for a compiler.
    I found the 'run' button under 'Run' menu but couldn't find compile button... therefore, I asked if there is any predefined short-cut key in notepad++ to compile the program.
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    Filip Larsen

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    You should be aware, that Notepad++ is "just" an editor without any compiler, not a full blown development environment. If you want to run a compiler from Notepad++ you need to have a compiler installed for the language in question and you must then configure Notepad++ to call this compiler.
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    Can anyone tell me any program where I can write, compile and run few C/C++ programs in Windows.
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    Dev-CPP is a good fit for your needs:


    It's completely free and has a lot of features.

    Personal note: I think the visual studio environment is a tonne better (and I prefer VC 6.0 to the later versions), but dev-cpp is still ok.
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    is not an IDE or an editor :rolleyes:
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    Do you know what visual editor is? :rolleyes:
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