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How to connect PS/2 female to USB female?

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    This is more of a hobbyist than engineering question, but basically I need to connect a female PS/2 (mini DIN 6-pin) to a female USB (ie plug in a computer).

    I haven't succeeded in finding a connector that does this, so i thought of doing a PS/2 to USB and then USB male to USB male (as this seems to be one of the few "single gender" connectors they actually make, although there are some PS/2 male to male as well). The problem is that these usually come as cables (e.g. 1.8 m long), but I would only need a connector. Is there such a thing and if so, where to get it?
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    No, that's the point. This is how it looks:
    http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/6378/connectorh.jpg [Broken]

    And this needs to be converted to male USB plug to fit into a computer.
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    Could you make a short cable with a couple of male mini DIN 6-pin connectors?
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    Obviously, pretty much anything can be done with enough soldering, but I was kind of looking for a ready made solution. It doesn't make that much difference though, as I haven't got the components anyway
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    A good deal *can* be done with soldering, but no amount of solder will convert the signals for you. Assuming this is a standard keyboard or mouse that follows the PS/2 format, the PS/2 has a data and clock line (in addition to the power and ground lines), which are encoded differently from the USB spec:

    The adapter that vk6kro linked to has a little chip in it that does this necessary conversion FOR KEYBOARDS and/or MICE (I've seen them coloured purple or green, depending on whether you have a mouse or keyboard, they probably have ones that are smart enough to figure out what you have connected, at a correspondingly higher price point).

    So it might be better if you step back a bit and let us know what the other end of your 6-pin DIN female cable is connected to?
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    My suggestion to make a short cable was to be used with vk6kros adapter.
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    Yeah, i was thinking the same thing: using a serial-to-USB adapter and a short converting unit.

    The device I want to connect is a Garmin GPS 35 satnav for embedded applications


    I've got the LVS version, so I figure the LVS version should be able to take power from USB.

    I'm a bit concerned about the actual interaction with the device: ie will I be able to work with it from my script just as if it was connected by serial cable?
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