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How to do computation in Liberty Basic

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    I am trying to write a very simple program in Liberty Basic. The last step in the program gives me a answer in inches, and I want to convert it to feet. So I figured I would simply divide the answer in inches by 12, then multiply ONLY the decimal value by 12, and then I would have the value in feet and inches.
    So how do I multiply by only the numbers after the decimal point?
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    When I said that I will have the answer in feet AND inches, I mean that it would say x feet and z inches. Just like someone would say if if they were talking about a length in feet that is not exactly x feet.
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    Does Liberty Basic have an INT() or FLOOR() function?
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    Yes, it does have an Int() function.
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    Int() should give you the integer portion. If you need the decimal portion just subtract your floating point number by the integer portion.

    14.22-14 = .22
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    But what if the number is a variable. Like in your example, sometimes the answer comes out to 14.22, but in some situations it would be 144.22, or a number other than 14.22. So how can I strip away the whole number and just leave the decimal portion for me to do calculations with. And how can I do that in a general way. I am not sure if I am being very clear, tell me if I am not. I am very new at this. By the way, thanks for the help. You are definetely pointing me in the right direction.
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    Like I want to tell it to just leave 0.xx from the answer that it is giving me now so I can multiply only this decimal portion of the number by a fixed number (12).
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    totalinches = 39.5
    onefoot = 12
    feet = int(totalinches/onefoot)
    inches = totalinches - (feet*onefoot)

    I think this will do what you want.

    If your language uses the backslash character for integer division, (returns only the whole portion of a division) you could write the feet caclulation as...
    feet = totalinches\onefoot
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    Thanks BobK. That worked perfectly.
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