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How to find Mass of an object when given Force and an angle!

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A mass is being held steady by a force of 7 N at 0 degrees and an opposing but equating force of 40.3 N at 100 degrees. Find the mass of the object.

Ʃ Force = Mass * Acceleration.

I found the vertical contribution of force from the force at 100 degrees to be 40.9 N but I attempted to calculated the mass from this by using this at a normal force that would oppose weight and so I divided by 9.8 and found 4.17 kgs and that was wrong. What do I do?


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Is that the question verbatim?
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You can find the x and y components of each and find the resulting vector from that.
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The question has an image so I wrote it instead. Is there a way I can put an image up on this site?
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You should post your calculations. You have a force of 40.3 N @ 100 deg. (referenced to what?), yet you calculated a vertical component of 40.9 N. The magnitude of the component can't be greater than the magnitude of the original vector.