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Homework Help: How to find max shear stress at a given point?

  1. Aug 14, 2014 #1
    The state of plane-stress at a point is given by σx = -200 MPa, σy = 100 MPa, σxy = 100 MPa
    The Maximum shear stress (in MPa) is:
    A) 111.8
    B) 150.1
    C) 180.3
    D) 223.6
    Explain Procedure also with Answer.

    Attempt: i already used Max Shear Stress τ = QV/ib, then also answer is not matching to given 4 options.
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    Could you be a bit more specific with your attempt. What did you do and why? What numbers did you insert into the equations? What was your end result?
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    Suppose you have a plane perpendicular to the x-y plane, and this plane makes an angle of theta with the x- axis. Do you know how to determine the normal and shear stresses acting on that plane?

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    It's not clear how you could use τ = QV/ib given only stress information. The problem seems suited for Mohr's circle.
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