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How to find reciprocal lattice vectors

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    So I know that the basis vectors of an FCC in a symmetric form are:
    [tex] a = \frac{a}{2}(\hat{x} + \hat{y}) [/tex]
    [tex] b = \frac{a}{2}(\hat{y} + \hat{z}) [/tex]
    [tex] c = \frac{a}{2}(\hat{x} + \hat{z}) [/tex]

    And that the reciprocal lattice vectors are the basis vectors of the BCC cells.
    I'm having a hard time doing the cross products correctly, so if anyone could walk me through an example of the math that would be very helpful.
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    Oh yes it was! I've edited it now, thanks.
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    please read book by Kittle, introduction to solid state physics.
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