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I Drawing a reciprocal lattice, also basis

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    could anyone please explain how you go about drawing a reciprocal lattice? For example a 2d rectangular lattice to it's reciprocal form?

    Also... I don't know if this is correct but if you have a 2d rectangular lattice with lattice vectors L=n1a1 + n2a2

    would the reciprocal lattice vectors be G = h(2pi/a1) + k (2pi/a2) ???

    Another question I have is why do fcc's have 4 bases whereas a bcc only has 2? How would you go about calculating the bases vectors of any lattice?
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    I think any lattice can be spanned by only 3 (in 2-D 2) lattice vectors, independently whether the lattice is centered or not. Look for "primitive cell".
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    I think you are basically right, but you should be careful about vector notation. I.e. if a1 is a vector, then you can't form (2pi/a1).
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