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How to find Tensile & compressive force

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    hello guys i am student of mechanical engineering final year.i workout how to find tensile and compressive force of square bar & which point has a maximum forces workout. following parameters are known which are listed below.please solved my problem...

    Parameters that are known

    Area of the square bar
    weight of the square bar
    density of the square bar

    Is there any formula please posted me...
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    How is the bar loaded?
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    sir i have a workout compressive forces on a umbrella spokes.what is a magnitude of these forces
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    A figure would be helpful...
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    So the spokes of the umbrealla have square CSA?
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    an umbrella mechanism is basically a radially-symetric assembly of sub-mechanisms

    find the forces on one "leg" and go from there
    the analysis is well within the capabilities of a final-year undergrad. use your training in statics.
    it's basically a few bars, all pin joints, some intersecting at end points, others in midpoints

    if that doesn't put you on the right track, review your second year mechanics training
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