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Aerospace How To Find The Drag and Lift Force?

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    I dont understand how is drag and lift related to a sliding block?
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    It's not a sliding block.

    It's moving on the air.
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    Perhaps the illustration is showing that the block has a rectangular cross-section? Then, perhaps the block is moving to the right, in which case the 2000 N is the drag force?

    I have never ever seen an FBD like this for fluid/aero dynamics...
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    As you can see from the first image, the "A" is the area of the surface which its depth is 10 m.

    The motion is from right to left.

    The snout is at the front and the flat is at the back.
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    Be nice, we're trying to help and you didn't provide enough information to begin with.
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    Am I that really not so nice?

    I just telling that was wrong.

    No other purpose.
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    Okay, but its considered harsh to say it that way.

    Instead most people would say: No, there's only one box.
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