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Homework Help: How to find the exact value of cos 67.5 ?

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    One of the questions in the homework for online precalc class I'm taking is to find the exact value for cos (67.5).
    At first I didn't realize that I should just take the half angle of 135, so instead I tried to find the value for cos (45 + 45/2), and got stuck at this point.


    If I calculate the actual value I get the correct answer, but I'm not able to see how I can simplify this further.
    I know the solution is as simple as finding the half angle value of


    Any suggestions of how I can get from my first attempt solution to the simpler (and correct) solution?

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    How is Cos(x) related to Cos(x+90), how is Cos(x+90) related to other trig functions?
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    Try multiplying both the top and bottom by ##\sqrt{2-\sqrt{2}}##.
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    >>How is Cos(x) related to Cos(x+90), how
    yeah, that definitely makes it simpler


    >>Try multiplying both the top and bottom by
    I have tried, but I seem to end up with a square root I can't get rid of, but I will keep trying.

    Thanks for your help

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    Hi, jkristia,

    Square your formula for cos(45+45/2), simplify, and then take the square root.

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    ah - of course, that works
    Thank you very much
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