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How to get better at optimization calculus 1 problems

  1. Apr 6, 2014 #1
    Im having trouble starting the harder optimization problems in stewarts calculus (calculus 1). I noticed one of my major problems is not knowing how the picture of the optimized problem looks like.

    My test is only going to contain one optimization problem. So I am not worried about failing. My problem is I want to understand. Will returning to geometry after the semester ends help me get better at these types of problem? I have kisselev planametry and sterometry on hand but I think it is too late to start looking at them now during the semester.

    I had a similar problem with related rates. I understand everything else tho.
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    Can you give an example of an optimization problem that you're having troubles with and can you try to explain what is bothering you?
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    how do i get to carnegie hall? practice, practice.
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