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How to get points on physics forums?

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    There are points in my PF account, six points. How do I acquire more points? And what does it mean if I have an infraction and it is never going to expire? :uhh:
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    Points are given for breaching the PF Rules. Quoting from them:
    In other words points are bad hence being called infraction points. Infraction points have various lengths and expire after a certain length of time, some never expire.

    When you were awarded the points an explanation would have come with them as a personal message explaining why you have received them. When you receive messages you will see a notification in the top right of your screen and there will be an alert when you click "My PF." If you have not read these check your inbox.
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    To see how you got the infraction points that you already have, go to your profile and click on the "Infractions" tab.
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    At the risk of re-stating the obvious, please do read your Private Messages (PM's) for specific explanations of why those points are there.
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    The fastest way of getting more points is to start a thread on one of the banned topics (they are listed for your convenience in the forum rules).
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