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How to impress my calculus teacher again

  1. Nov 22, 2011 #1
    I am a senior taking AP Calculus. I want this teacher to give me the ''outsanding math student'' award at the end of the year but i think i just ruined it today.

    During window i was finishing a social studies thing, that was just before the Calculus block. So i didn't go because i was doing the social studies thing and when she saw me again she was screaming at me and saying I was irresponsible, etc.

    I think I'm a good student. I always contribute in class, I do homework (not always because she doesn't grade it and therefore im not that motivated always, but i do it more than half of the times), I have good grades (I'm the second one in the class in this moment), a lot of times i read the book before the lecture so that I can contribute.

    But now I think I just ruined it, so i need your help, how to impress her again??? i really want the ''outsanding math student'' and i need her to forget today's event, any ideas???

    thanks a lot...
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    It is just a one day thing I would presume? Just keep doing what you do. After all, it is just one day and it won't affect how the teacher looks at you for the rest of the year.
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    I think you should make up a backup excuse right now so if she decides to ask you about what happened today, you can use it to get out of trouble and not make her angry.

    Ok, right now the only person standing in your way is the person in the first place of the class. This might sound a bit low, but you might want to get to know him in person, so you can find out what sorts of grades he's getting, by what margin is he beating you and do you have a chance or not. So, if he's getting on average about 90% on each test, then you can beat him by getting upper 90s with enough studying.

    Also, if you get homework assignments maybe you can post them on this forum and ask people to do the questions in fancy ways, so you can show off to your teacher. But it also depends on how old she is. If she's really old, then she might see through all this.
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    People are fickle. All you really need to do is gun for it the last week before she gives out the award. I've been to countless award ceremonies and the ones who get rewarded are always those who stand out in recent memory. Sadly, long-term contributions are usually forgotten.
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    Why is this award so important to you?? It's just a piece of paper.

    You've already got the price: knowing calculus and being good at it. Why need an external reward for that?

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    Bribe her.
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    Chi Meson

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    Dang it Micromass, I was gonna...

    Anyway, What Feynman said. There are all types of people, I suppose, but I cannot imagine what difference getting such an award could possibly make in your life. Colleges don't really care. Is it a competition? Are you going to come in first? Is this going to be the thing that makes MIT say "He's the one!"?

    If you are the best math student in your school and the award goes to anyone else then it is an empty vessel. If someone else is the best, but it goes to you, ditto. So there is only one choice: be the best math student and forget about the award.
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    hi stonecoldgen! :smile:

    (btw, what's a window? :confused:)

    "it's not her, it's you" …

    you only do "more than half" the homework (the guy who comes first does all of it doesn't he?) (the homework is for your benefit, not hers :rolleyes:)

    you skipped a block ("block"? "window"? are you trying to build something? :confused:) for no apparent reason

    and (assuming she doesn't usually scream) when she saw you later, apparently your attitude was such that she felt it necessary to scream at you

    let's have more work and less show

    i'm sure she's already noticed that you only do half the homework, and …
    … that your "contributions" are different from everyone else's

    you're not a good student yet

    if you start doing all the homework (ie even the stuff she won't see), i'm sure that she'll notice the difference :smile:

    erm … nooo :redface:

    this forum doesn't work that way, ash …

    we can help you, correct you, prompt you, and so on, but we can't actually do your homework for you :smile:
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    Tiny, you made the post I was going to make. Only in a less scathing manner.

    In general I feel anyone who is pursuing an award/prize/whatever, for the sake of it. Basically bragging rights. Needs to have a bit of an ego kicking. I acutally find it a bit sad.

    Maybe it's just me, I've never needed recognition to know if I've done my best or not. So it's just not in my mindset.

    Highly presumptuous to think you were in the running in the first place. Even in your own post (OPs are naturally biased to highlight them) I wouldn't have thought you were in the running.

    This will succeed in one thing, and one thing only. Making the OP look like a prat.
  11. Nov 23, 2011 #10
    If I were the other student, the one that's ahead of you, you wouldn't stand a chance at that award with your current set of parameters. I'd being doing all my homework, plus some, and all before the class lecture. And then I'd see the teacher before or after class to work on/seek out more challenging problems in the text. Either ahead in the book, or in another calculus book. Yeah, actually, that's what you should do to win. Get a real college calculus book, like, stewart calculus, early transcendentals (older edition, not new one. Yes it's heavy but trust me comprehensive is better than abridged. If you're into math, that calc book will be your best friend for a number of years.) Now go forth, and do extra problem sets!
  12. Nov 24, 2011 #11
    Dress up in peacock feathers and perform for her the sacred dance of the calculus god Liebnitzu.
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