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How to increase pressure in a system

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    I want to make a testing system to test a high pressure water pumps. I need to know how much is the flow in a certain pressure. I bought a flow meter to measure the flow but I couldn't simulate the pressure I need. I DON'T know if there is a kind of valve that can increase the pressure to make the pump (for example) give 250 gpm at 7 bar

    who can help me on this?
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    A variable frequency drive pump can easily be used to change the pressure and flow rate if u wish , but unfortunately this kind of pump is very expensive , though there is always a relationship between pressure and flow rate in any system using bernoulli energy balance where static pressure , velocity "dynamic pressure" and potential energy are balanced between 2 points through the system , using a diffuser somewhere in the system will decrease your velocity and increase your pressure.
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    Thank you Firava.
    But I don't think the frequency drive will help me. I want to test the performance of the pump I assemble.Wether it gives the required flow under a certain pressure.

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    Can't you simply put a back pressure regulator on the outlet of your pump and measure flow rate downstream of that?

    Inlet -> Pump -> Pressure Gage -> Back pressure regulator (& relief valve) -> Flow measurement at Patm.
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