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How to model a vibrating stick

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    Let's assume I have a thin metal stick (or other material) anchored to a wall at one extremity (A), and free to move on the other extremity (B).
    If I push down the extremity B and then release it, the stick starts to vibrate for some time (especially in the points closer to B).
    If I push it too much it may even break.

    What are the quantities that I should consider in order to model fairly accurately the behavior of such a system?
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    Check out this illustration and read the entire article:


    mass, center of gravity, maybe shape of the "stick" stiffness and damping would be major parameters....also orientation relative to gravity....

    depending on what you are doing, damping in air would be different than in, say, water....

    a really wide but thin stick would encounter a lot of air resistance; a thin round stick perhaps negligible air resistance....

    Be sure to check "SEE ALSO" listings at the bottom of the Wikipedia article for further information
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