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How to prepare for the Calculus BC and Physics C Exam?

Firstly, let me talk about my BC exam situation first and then the Physics C exam secondly. I just recently downloaded a PDF full of released BC exams from 1969 to 1998. Is there any PDF for a fully released BC exam from last year(2015)? What is the best textbook that is oriented towards this exam? (Don't recommend those prep books like PR or Barron's.) I want a book that explains the information clearly, full of exercises that are a lot like the questions that shall be on the test, and will fully prepare me for the test. I have some good books like Larson, Peterson, and Paul's Web Notes already. Would this be enough for the exam? Also why is there a sudden skip from the questions in the 20's to the 70's and onward on the released exam? Is this how the exam works(this is my first AP exam BTW)? Are the any videos that will prepare me for the exam? What will be on the exam this year?

As for the Physics C exam how can I prepare for that? Any recently released full exams for it? Some good textbooks? I have Feynman's Ledtures on Science Volume I. Is this enough?

I am new to these exams and these two will be my first. Please offer the best help and advice. I want a 5 on both of these. Any of you who got a 5? How did you prepare?
Learn the subjects, not the test material.
I understand the material but I want to make sure I don't come unprepared when it comes to the day of the exams. The practice tests I downloaded (both Calc BC and Physics C) had some problems I could easily do but others I had problems with mainly due to my lack of preparation. Any textbook that is oriented towards problems one would find on the exam?

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