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B How to pronounce the "=" sign in the following situations?

  1. Sep 22, 2016 #1
    My native language is not English. I try to read textbooks in English.
    I wonder how should I pronounce "=" in some special sentences: "equals", "is", "was equal", "being", "being equal" or somehow else.

    How to pronounce the "=" sign in the following sentences:
    1) It moves from x1=5m to x2=9m.
    2) A displacement of x=3m was observed.
    3) The body is noticed at t=5s when it is at x=8m.
    4) How we have 0=3 ?

    In addition, I wonder, how should I pronounce the following formula:

    $$ \frac {a}{a+b+c} = \frac {a}{b+c} + d $$
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    For 1 to 3, "equals" is fine.
    For 4, I would say "0 is equal to 3" or "0 equals 3" both of which are impossible.
    a divided by the quantity a + b + c equals a divided by the quantity b + c, plus d"
    I'm not sure if you were asking how you would say the entire equation or just the = parts.
    Speaking the equation in English or other language is not as good as writing the equation. It's difficult to convey the difference between ##\frac a {b + c +d}## and ##\frac a {b + c} + d## when they are given verbally.
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    I agree with Mark. I would use "equals" in all of those situations.
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