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Is it possible to self study calculus 2?

  1. Jun 7, 2017 #1
    I am a high school student entering 11th grade soon. I will be taking calculus ab (calc 1) in school, but I am wondering if it is possible to self study calculus 2 and take it over the summer at a cc?(and do well!) If everything goes right I want to do calculus 2 the summer after junior year and a linear algebra course (with a prereq of calc 2) first semester senior year. Is this realistic? I have had A's in all prior math classes (precalc and earlier) and a 770 SAT math.

    The textbook I have to study is Stewarts calculus 5th edition, and calculus lifesaver. (are these good?)

    Any tips on self studying would be appreciated! (I am also currently self studying calculus 1, but so far i'm not having problems)

    (P.s If this question wasn't appropriate here due to lack of actual math i'm sorry! first time poster)
    Thanks everyone!
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    Your question is fine. We have some Insight articles on the subject which might give you a closer look than a brief answer I can give here:


    I hope those will answer your question more detailed. But don't be afraid and ask if you have more questions about it. To ask questions and curiosity are the main keys to open up scientific worlds. Beside that you're always welcome here to post specific questions about exercises (our homework section; please use the template there) or on general conceptions (our technical forums).
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    I would recommend going through chapters 1 and 2 of Stewart's so you're well prepared for calculus 1. For calculus 2 go through chapters 5-9 and 12. Stewart's will be fine, I do not know the other book. You're getting much better grades and taking more advanced classes than I did in high school so I don't have any tips, but I'll tell you to keep something in mind when you self study. Keep in mind that nobody is going to test you to make sure you've learned anything so make sure you do plenty end-of-chapter problems or read through chapter examples then close the book and redo the problem. Good luck!!
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    Thanks everyone!
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