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How to remote another computer using tablet with Windows 7?

  1. Sep 28, 2015 #1
    Dear group,

    I am trying to send data to another computer (offline, no internet connection...) just communication between 2 computers using putty.exe and pscp.exe (sorry if I say wrong).

    If you have any ideal, please advise!

    Thank you,

    Best regards,

    Nate Duong.
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    What kind of physical communication do you have. Serial port? Ethernet port? Bluetooth? Wifi? Parallel port?

    What kind of communications do you need; file transfer? interactive? remote control?

    We can't give you a good answer without a more specific question.
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    Dear anorlunda,

    Sorry for the missing information,

    I am trying to do with Serial port for the physical communication.

    Hope you can have some advise for me,

    Thank You,
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    pcAnywhere from Symantec can do remote control using serial ports.

    A venerable old program called Kermit was useful for transferring files using serial ports in the 1980s. You can probably find free copies of it.
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    Are you sure? I haven't seen a serial port on a computer for at least 10 years...
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