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How to make raspberry pi connect with window7 (no internet)?

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    Dear forum,

    I have an raspberry pi (which is using linux and bash),and I am trying to make connection with Windows7 and 8.

    As we know that we just need to download Putty.exe on the windows 7, run and insert IP address on to the box, another window will be showed up and "log in as" and "passwork" will be asked. After insert username and password, we could easily remote raspberry pi.But that thing will need internet connection,

    My question is, Can we control (remote) raspberry pi without the internet? I've seen once before that we could create a fake server as VPN, or work network... there is no need internet connection but they still control the Pi through Putty.exe.

    Anyone has any ideal? Please help?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Nate Duong.
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    You can either connect it directly to your computer or you can connect the pi directly to a monitor and keyboard. You don't need an internet connection for either of those.
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    Dear Borg,
    Nice to see you again on this forum,
    I understand that way to make a connection, but I would to do wireless connection,
    If you have an ideal, please provide me.
    Thank you so much, Borg.
    Nate Duong.
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