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How to reproduce plots from a reference paper to put in my own paper

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    I'm writing a scientific paper and I'm basing it on a set of simulations that I carried out. I have generated some plots and I need to show that my generated plots are exactly the same as the ones on a reference paper.
    Obviously, I can't just copy-paste the plots from the reference. So how do I go about this?
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    scan it in?
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    Is the reference paper copyrighted? If so, contact whoever has the copyright to ask permission to reproduce the images, and in your paper, indicate that you have obtained that permission.
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    You probably don't need to do anything except say "This plot is identical to figure xyz in [reference to the other paper]."

    Copying the plot into your paper seems like a waste of space, quite apart from the copyright issues.
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    Thanks for the ideas! Scanning it in seems like an easy way to do it.My project instructor wants the plots from the reference and at the same time he seems to be really against the idea of copying them, even if I say that 'this is from so and so paper'.
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    Hmmm... I guess my previous response got deleted, prob because it was a single word/link. I'll expand upon it this time.

    Use Dagra, it's a free trial for 30 days, but it's worth every ($20) dollar. You import any picture file and place two lines for the axis. Then you place markers on the data points. Dagra you can load a picture thats at a 67.232° angle and Dagra will "straighten" it based on your defined axis.

    When using it for my research, I contacted the PI of the paper to ask for his permission to use his results. Every one of them was fine with it. Even if you still don't want to publish their data, you can still use their data so that you can say, "The results of this test match the results of (reference here) within 2.5%."
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    Thanks, I think I'll try Dagra! I just hope I can use it properly.
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    Hey just wanted to drop in and say Dagra's awesome! Thanks a lot for the suggestion, AIR&SPACE !
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    No problem :biggrin:

    I remember I downloaded the 30 day trial thinking "I'm just gonna use it for the trial then get rid of it." Then I started using it and I was blown away, bought it within 10 minutes of downloading the trial, lol. It truly is an amazing program, filling an important need, at an amazing price (and a trial period to let you try it out). Simply awesome.

    Glad I could help!
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