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How to set a Linux Workspace to certain (different) source input?

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    I tried to googling about this, but not find the answer; and even I'm not sure whether this is possible. Here the condition:
    I have a Windows laptop and a Linux workstation (workstation + monitor).
    The monitor is connected to:
    (1) DVI-D: connected to Linux workstation (default)
    (2) Display Port: connected to Windows laptop

    The problem is: if I want to extend* my laptop screen to the (Linux) monitor, I have to press the "source" button in the monitor to select which source to be input, which will replaced my Linux display with Windows display.
    (*) convenient for displaying large document, e.g. large excel sheet.

    Is it possible to have one dedicated 'Linux workspace' connected to one source input and others are connected to another source input?
    (i.e. one Linux workspace as a Windows screen extension, others 3 are normal)

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    forget this "silly" question.
    Seem nothing to do with Linux or Windows, it should be hardware (i.e. monitor) setting. but sure can't be one dedicated workspace.

    Moderator, you may delete this thread if the thread is considered as unuseful.

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