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Calculators How to solve complex number equations with a calculator?

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    Let x,y be in the complex plane

    (1+i)x+ (2+i)y -5 = 0
    (3+2i)x + (4+i) -10 = 0

    I couldn't solve such a system of equations with neither of casio fx-9750g, hp 50g and TI-89..

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Put your calculators away. This is a fairly simple system of equations to solve by hand. One approach is to solve for x in one equation, and substitute the expression that x equals into the other equation.
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    i wouldnt use a calculator either. I would equate real and imaginary parts (remembering that eg 5 = 5+0i. so you should get a system of 4 equations to solve. 2 of which involve only the imaginary parts and the other two involves only the real
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