How would I reverse this equation?

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52x95^0 + 79x95^1 + 0x95^2 + 66x95^3 = 56594307.

Lets say I'm given 56594307 and 95. How would I find
out the numbers 52,79,0 and 66?

Basically if you read the first section of this link
9.4.1 Text Blocking [Broken].

I can make a program that can convert from text to
the block number but I don't know how to go from the
block number back to text. Sorry if this is something
really simple that I'm missing.

Thanks for any help.
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This is the same as writing the number in a base 95 numeration system.
So you can use the same procedure used to convert from decimal to binary notation.
You divide the number by 95 repeatedly until the quotient is less than 95.
The reminders for each step are the coefficients of the powers of 95 (first reminder is the coefficient of 95^0 and so on).
Thanks, it worked.

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