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Human Body and Frequency detection

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    Is the Human body capable of creating any type of frequency ? Of course vocally but beyond that ... .
    What devices are in existence that can measure or see frequencies of living things ?
    Have there been experiments with documented results that shows frequencies created by the human body ?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    EEG and EKG (ECG) monitors can detect some of the rhythms of the brain and heart. More sophisticated brain monitoring instruments (PET, FMRI, etc.) can detect more detailed brain activity. :smile:
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    If you are thinking of electromagnetism, yes human bodies radiate heat, which is electromagnetism in the infra red range.
    Infra red cameras and motion sensing devices within intruder alarms can easily detect it and are not very expensive.
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    Humans also emit gamma radiations
    It's mainly because of the radioactive potassium present in all of our cells
    The intensity of gamma radiation is directly proportional to the number of cells each human has.
    https://books.google.co.in/books?id...hole body counter principle potassium&f=false


    I hope I was helpful
    Sorry i didn't provide any sort of reference last time
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