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Hybrid CIVIC 2010 without hybrid battery

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    Hello Guys and Girls,

    I wanted to know if my HYBRID HONDA CIVIC 2010 would still start up and run if my hybrid battery pack dies ?

    If it gets started and i am able to drive it, will it affect the car anyhow (apart from few MPG less) on a long term ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Doug Huffman

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    Does it have a separate starting battery? If so then I believe yes you will be able to drive it. How big a detriment to your fuel mileage will depend on how smart is the charge controller. If it tries to charge a failed battery BAD things could happen.

    Your LiPo battery WILL die in 3 - 5 years and 300 - 500 equivalent full charge/discharge cycles. ALL LiPo and Pb-acid have roughly those limits due to internal corrosion 'aging'.
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    Thanks for your reply @Doug Huffman
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    I don't think hybrid batteries are allowed to die -- it would damage them. I think if you leave your lights on, for example, you can run your starter battery dead, but the hybird battery is only for the drive system. Not completely sure...
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