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Hydraulic problem , Water Main

  1. May 13, 2010 #1
    This is not a homework problem, just a discussion problem between engineers,. I would like to see what anwers others get.

    Given: A 24 inch diameter water main is operating at 40 lbs/sq. in.. A small hole is drilled in the top of the water main (not buried).

    Find: To what height will the water shoot?

    That's all the given info you get, make reasonable assumptions as needed.
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    Doesn't matter if it's homework or now, you need to show your own work first. What equations and factors did you use? What answer did you get?
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    Hint: it's a surprisingly easy question.
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    On the surface it seems like a very easy question, it might not be a three term equation.

    Is it a hydraulic problem or a ballistic problem. I think both are involved.
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