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Hydraulic Variable displacement piston Pump selection

  1. Jun 26, 2015 #1
    Hello everyone,

    I am designing one hydraulic system. In that system their is total 8 no of component function. When all the component work that time its take 150 Bar pressure and 140 lpm flow. but this all are all time not working together. they are hardly 4 to 5 time working together in day. and if single function is working that time pressure required is 150 bar and flow 15 lpm.

    Now i want to use Hydraulic Variable displacement piston Pump for this system.

    Now any body help me to sizing out Variable displacement piston Pump for this system.
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    Sorry about the delay in reply.

    You could specify a constant pressure, variable displacement pump set to maintain 150 bar.

    There are a few questions here.
    Are all your hydraulic components in parallel or can some be in series ?
    How will you drive the pump, diesel or electric? What will be the available shaft RPM?
    Do you have preferred pump manufacturers / suppliers ?

    As an example; 140 Litre per minute at 1500 RPM will need a minimum displacement of 140/1500 Litre/rev = 94 ml per rev. It would need to automatically adjust the volume from zero to 94 mL per rev.

    While hydraulic fluid is needed, the pump output pressure should remain at 150 bar. If a hydraulic accumulator was used it would be possible to shut the motor and pump down while flow was not required. The accumulator would provide the 15 L/m needed during the short time while the motor is started.
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