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Hydrogen isotopes in palladium

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    I realize that Palladium has a molecular property to hold immense amounts of hydrogen, but can Palladium also “hold” isotopes of hydrogen.
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    Yes, there are no electronic differences between isotopes. The chemical difference is due to the increased mass, making reactions and transport slower. (This effect becomes negligible for heavier elements, by the way.) Practically speaking, isotopes above tritium have too short half-lives to be interesting in this case, but both Deuterium (2H) and Tritium (3H) have been discussed in relation to Palladium. I know Pd has been suggested as a safe way of storing and handling Tritium, for example.
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    But wouldn't this property depend on the electrostatic charge of the atom?

    Thanks in advance
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    Different isotopes of hydrogen do not have different electrostatic charges. So why would this be an issue?

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