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Hydrogwn atom electron probability

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    Ok i dont know anything about quantum physsics but when i was reading about it( for the sake of learning new stuff) i had this question :-

    Does the attraction between protons and electron play a role in determining where the electron probability is maximum at?
    I was seeing the graph of probability density and radius :- it decreases as you go away from nucleus. So the coulombic attraction plays no role in determining where the max probability is? If the coulombic attraction played a role then max probability would be somewhere near the bohr's radius
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    Jano L.

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    The probability distribution you have seen is calculated from Schroedinger's equation, which contains a potential function [itex] U(r) = -Ke^2/r [/itex] which corresponds to Coulomb's electrostatic force.
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    If it contains the electrostatic force then the max probability should be near the bohrs radius but the graph doesnt show that
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