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Hypothetical question concerning vectors of steering?

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    -car is aligned properly
    -crown has nothing to do with anything
    -the steering wheel is on the Left and you weight generously 200lbs.

    If you were to draw vectors and include G forces and everything you can think of for this incidence, what would you conclude?

    You are going on a straight path, you see an animal and you quickly swerve to the left, which side would you experience the most wear on?

    At the instant of the initiation of the swerve, where is the load L or R?

    Cut the car in half.
    Left vs. Right side of car experiences most wear?
    Would this change on a Rear wheel drive car?

    We had this discussion in an auto shop and I am not delighted to hear something that was so conter-intuitive that I'd just had to ask!
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    Left side of car has a bit more downforce at the contact patches than right side.

    Do you mean tire wear? I'm not sure how wear relates to load factors (downforce, side load), squirming at the contact patch, slippage at the contact patch, ...

    A the instant of of initiation of the swerve, the load factors are the same as going straight. It takes some small, finite amount of time before the side loads become non-zero.

    The L / R distribution of the downforce depends on front / rear weight distribution and stiffness of the suspension. If the front / rear weight distribution is near 50% / 50%, then the right tire at the relatively "stiffest" end gets the most load, and the left tire at the relatively "stiffest" end gets the least load.
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    I figured it out now thanks for clarification =)
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