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Hypothetical Question of Virtual Particles and Magnets

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    I wasn't sure where to put this question, since it didn't seem to fit any category. However, because it brings up the topic of virtual particles, I'll ask here.

    From what I understand, virtual particles can travel faster than light, and it is virtual photons that are responsible for the attraction between two magnets. So my question is this: if there was a magnet that could supposedly be turned on and off, and there was a device that could detect the changes in that magnetic field from a distance away, would that device be able to pick up the changes as they happen (instantly)? Or would there still be some sort of delay?
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    Virtual particles - faster than light????

    To answer your question - no signal that contains information (like in your question) can travel faster than light.
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    Also, it's very dangerous to think of virtual particles as real things (that's why we call them virtual). They're really more of a quirk of a mathematical approximation we make in quantum field theory.
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