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Hysteresis in helical coils springs

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    Do helical springs have hysteresis. Say I do an exercise of plotting deformation Vs load curve of a helical spring, one way will be starting from load zero and increasing till the spring achieves solid length. The other way will be loading the spring till solid length and measuring deformation during releasing load progressively. Will both the methods give collinear lines?

    If there is a hysteresis (of helical springs in specific), why does it occur?

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    Hysteresis occurs in ferromagnetic materials and ferroelectric materials, as well as in the deformation of some materials (such as rubber bands and shape-memory alloys) in response to a varying force.
    so in all we can say that
    "where there is deformation hysteresis is there"
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    Thanks Swap.. But why exactly does this occur?
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    k.udhy first of all
    as u said u practically performed this
    in that case u might not get co-llinear lines because of strain hardening effect or because of irreversibility effect

    but theorotically it will be co-linear
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    whatever total total energy absorbe durring loading(Resilience)=total energy release durring unloading
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