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I am looking for differences between electron and ion plasma frequency

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    there are two frequency of plasma. the first one is electron plasma and the second one is ion frequency. I want to know in freeman or bernas ion sources are using which one of these frequency to collision the gas and provide plasma and waht is the reason of that.Any help would be appreciated.
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    There are ion and electron (cyclotron) frequencies, hybrid frequencies, etc. Frequencies reflect particular physics, e.g., revolution of ions or electrons in a magnetic field. There is a difference between individual particle or local behavior and global behavior, the latter being more of fluid or hydrodynamics, or in the case of plasmas, magnetohydrodynamics.

    Here is a good overview of waves in plasmas.

    Or is one more concerned with frequency of collision?

    It is much easier to dump energy into the electrons than the ions, but it usually the ion energy that is of interest.
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