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I can't decide on what i want to major in

  1. Dec 27, 2012 #1
    I'm currently a sophomore in college and when i started college, my major was in engineering physics. Later down the road, i realized the engineering isn't for me. In High school i loved chemistry and i still do till today. After i took O-Chem I, i was sure that chemistry was the right thing for me. The one thing i'm worried about is the future Job outlook for people with a BS in Chemistry. I also took physics while in college and even though my facial expressions showed that i did not like physics, honestly i was enjoying what i was learning and i wanted to learn more about physics. Now my dilemma is that i don't know what to major in. I have a general idea of what i want to do later in life and that is to be a Geo-scientist (either a Geo-chemist or a Geo-physicist), i also thought about doing something relating in astronomy, only because i enjoy learning about the Stars, galaxy, and the universe.
    What would be best for me to major in or should i just double major in chemistry and physics or major in one and minor in another.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    If you want to be a geophysicist your best bet is to do a physics degree with a minor in geology or at least with having taken some courses in geophysics.

    You'll also need to figure out WHY engineering wasn't for you. If it has anything to do with the rigor of the workload, then you're going to run into the same problems in any of the physical sciences.
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