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I don't know what animal my fossil used to be!

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    ok here's a description. It sort of looks like a cyclomedusa at the top only a bit more detailed. Then it sort of looks like a jellyfish; long strings going down. Then it has the cyclomedusa thing at the bottom. I found it in my backyard! I'm only 12 years old so I'm clueless! Geology is my favorite subject. I got the highest score in my grade for my geology test! Please tell me if you know what animal or plant this might have been!:tongue2:
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    Welcome to the forum!!

    Do you have any way to take a picture of it? It would be easier to identify with a picture. Geology is one of my favorite subjects too.
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    Hi, sounds like a nice find and even better, from your own yard. Evo is right, a photo would be best. But also knowing things like where you are from, would help too.
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