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I don't understand how this equation calculates angle for hexagons

  1. Nov 26, 2013 #1
    I don't understand how this equation calculates angle for hexagons....

    Hi, I'm learning how to program and I've been studying graphics.

    This quote from a programmer confuses me (the quote is a hyperlink to my source):
    How does 2pi/n calculate the angle of two vertices relative to the center of a hexagon? I try to plug in some values to test it and the resulting angle is 1.047 degrees which is extremely small and I think I'm misunderstanding the answer.

    I have a diagram in my book that also states that the above equation is the angle. I also tested my code (the angle is only a small part of it) and my drawHexagon app works. However, when I do the math, the angle from the center of the hexagon is always 1.047 degrees and that doesn't make sense to me.

    Shouldn't the central angle be 60 degrees given that a hexagon has 6 sides?
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    The angles are being measured in radians.
    2pi radians=360 degrees.
    1.047 radians=60 degrees.
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    Thank you. I really need to brush up on my math.
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