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I feel like everyone is at the organic party but me

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    I feel like everyone is at the organic party but me :(

    I just finished my first organic chemistry exam and I'm so frustrated. I really enjoy it up until the test. Anyways, I've been confused about acid and base molecules since chem1 and chem2. Never really got it. How can I determine that one molecule is more acidic or more basic than the other?

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    1. atom
    2. resonance
    3. induction
    4. orbital

    organic chemistry as a second language by klein, it's the best. i'm using it along with LG Wade's book, killer combo.
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    THANKS! I just bought it on AMAZON. I should get it in a few days. I too use LG Wade's book.
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    we can study together :)

    but seriously, klein's book is so good. i go over that b4 i read Wade's, and i literally only have to read the chapter once.
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    I'm at University of Florida....where do you go?
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