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Want to pursue chemistry but don't like structures

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    I'm in Cegep in Canada, which is basically between high school and University. I strongly liked chemistry in the past, and I was very strong. Last semester, our chemistry class was Chemistry of Solutions (covering equilibrium, kinetics, acids-bases, etc), and this semester we have to take General Chemistry, which covers more atom/molecule structure and bonding. I don't like this part as much, and I don't find it as easy or natural to understand. I am told that further in chemistry basically all involves this, I was wondering if this is true or if there's any branch similar to what I like that I can go into?
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    Until you've done the basics: a year of Gen Chem and Organic, it's pretty hard to say which area you like the most or if you are 100% sure about going into chemistry. Organic is an entirely different animal as far as structures.

    There are of course areas of chemistry that are more mathematical, but they are a long, long way from algebra. Kinetics and especially thermo is mostly partial differential equations.

    Going back to why you don't like the structures. Which part isn't natural? Things want to be as far apart as possible, dipole moments play a part. Maybe look into getting a model kit - it's a good hands on reason as to why many compounds are the shapes they are.
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    One of the problem with atomic structure and chemical bonding at the Cegep level is that you don't have the necessary background to understand its origin, and therefore it looks arbitrary and only suited to rote learning. Everything will become clearer when you you have a first course in quantum chemistry. I suggest you try and though it out till then, or start studying it by yourself.
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