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I have 2 BA's, want to study EE and live in Dubai

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    long story short, i have always been fascinated by engineering, and only now that i am 24 and having graduated with a degree in philosophy and media technology (visual/audio/software development/production) from the unviersity of western ontario Canada, but as of late i have felt this yearning to learn and study EE

    Living in Dubai i have called and inquired about EE programs here but honestly from everything i read the UAE altogether isn't a great place to get a degree. I've considered distance studies for engineering but that doesn't seem like the best idea either.

    Hopefully someone can shed some light on this issue, and help point in me in the right direction, or lead me to a good counselor i could speak to?
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    Go to Wikipedia's list of universities and colleges in the UAE, go through them to find one with an EE program (and, unless you're fluent in Arabic, you should probably pick an English-speaking one), and then apply:

    I was going to suggest that you go to one of the numerous schools that offer engineering in Ontario (including UWO) and after finishing, work in the UAE (since it's a whole lot easier to go that way than the other way around), but after parsing your post again, it seems like you're already there! With that in mine, and assuming you're making pretty good money and don't want to give up your job, I'd suggest you bank the money and then go to school once you've finished that stage of your life.
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    Well the thing is I spent the last year developing a marketing program and I'm going to be selling it. If things go well I'll have enough money to let the business side of things run itself and hire a GM while I can go back and pursue a worldy discipline like EE. Honestly, I would love nothing more than to actually study at a university in Germany or the USA (round out my experiences) and take a BA in EE somewhere in either of those countries. It would be an awesome experience, and i won't have to relive my ramen noodle years as an undergrad at UWO if i have a decent amount of money this time around :)

    Thanks a lot MATLAB!
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