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I have ideas, I'm not sure what to do with them

  1. Sep 20, 2008 #1
    So, since my sophomore class until now - my senior class - I have been thinking about mankind and control and I came up with ideas, such as what control is or what is the purpose of the existence of species and then of individuals. So fare they are in my blog (http://sizarieldor.blogspot.com), but clearly that is not enough.

    I need to share them somehow, but I do not know what the better way would be. I am outlining a paper, I suppose anthropological, and a book (something like Ishmael), but I have had absolutely no experience in publishing things. I am not sure if this is anthropology or whether dialogs are an acceptable format for a paper.

    I'm sure there are people here who can give me advice about that, thank you in advance.
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    Personally I'll advise you not to bother with philosophy. It goes nowhere and achieves nothing. I don't really know what you intend to do with your ideas. If you really want your ideas to be examined critically, you can post it in the philosophy forums of this website, or somewhere like http://www.philosphyforums.com [Broken]
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    Defennder makes a good point. Since it's not really within my remit to examine your ideas critically, I'd suggest you ask someone who knows their stuff to really scrutinise your work.

    Since you say you have no clue about publishing things, does that mean you don't spend too much time scouting the philosophy or anthropology journals? If you don't, then, not to be discouraging, with reference to who, or what, do you intend to publish? I make this point since, more often than not, independence fails to beget originality or substantiality - by which I mean that it's very easy to get carried away with ideas developed in precisely the context in which it seems yours have come from: the uncriticised / unseen context. By this token it's good you want to put your ideas out there but at the same time i'd have said you'd be worth spending a good deal of your time ploughing through the journals in your area of interest and just seeing where you stand.
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    p.s. Is your blog meant to be written in the form of Socratic dialogue (or whatever it is best called: the form of Plato's republic i mean)? I see little in the way of the dialectic method (does A really ever convince B to change his mind? I wish my arguments went so swimmingly!)
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    I initially thought of writing it imitating The Republic (a third of which I have read), but it turned out that, the blog being the first ever draft of my thoughts, there isn't much clear dialectic, especially in the first chapters.

    Nonetheless, a dialog allows for occasional broadness and two persons speaking is a nice way to refine one's claims and enrich them with clear logic.
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    I have many ideas like yourself, I just spent 2 years on Philosophy and I think I hit a dead end. Although I will always "practice" philosophy, I believe it should be done as a hobby on your free time.
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