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I have to transform some machine for use them in United state

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    First, I would like to ask for your apologize for my very bad english....

    My name is Frédéric Serrano, I'm a technician and I'm starting my own business.
    For a new contract my customer ask me to adapt his industrial machine for the USA.
    So I have to comeback to the basic rule.

    Here in France we use 230V 50hz. I know the in USA you have 110V 60hz.
    about the "neutral regime" (not sure of the translation), we use TT, what do you use in USA?
    Where can I find the abacus for the diameter of cable like this :
    what the normalization for the color of the conductor? power L1 L2 L3 N and command 0V 24V
    I will have more questions, is there someone who can help me?

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    No one seems to have any answers to your questions, so I will do my best.
    Industry in the USA usually has 240 volt, so 230 volt rated should be OK.
    Going from 50 hertz to 60 hertz changes the speed of motors. Is this a problem?
    The answer for the color code for wires should be on the www somewhere. There weren't any standards for signal or low power wires years ago. Green was usually ground except for a few industries where it was something else.
    If there is only one machine you can probably get away with just changing the gear ratio of the motors. (wire color code can remain the same)
    If there are to be many machines you should investigate the wire color code.
    The standards you will have to meet will probably be in NEMA. (National Electrical Manufactures Assocation)

    Good Luck on your new business.
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    the color of the cond. depends on what voltage and phase.
    For 120/208 (also 230, 240) 3 phase wye the following colors are used:
    L1-black, L2-red, L3-blue, neutral-white, ground-green, iso ground- green with yellow stripe.

    For 120/240 single phase:
    L1-black, L2-red, neutral-white, ground-green

    For 277/480 (also 440,460) wye use:
    L1-brown, L2-orange, L3-yellow, neutral-gray, ground-green

    For 120/208 midpoint grounded delta (wildleg) use:
    L1-black, L2-ORANGE, L3-blue, neutral-white, ground-green
    NOTE L1to ground=120 v, L3 to ground=120 v, L2 TO GROUND=208 v

    As for low voltage usually :
    black- negative or ground
    red- positive
    usually uses 14 gauge or smaller wire to differentiate from power

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